Unwritten Rules Of The Road

07/23/2014 15:51:51
Unwritten Rules Of The Road
All drivers are probably familiar with the laws of driving, and maybe even the vehicle code. But what about the unwritten rules on the road? They are not written in your state’s driver's handbook, but most of the people with common sense abide these

All drivers are probably familiar with the laws of driving, and maybe even the vehicle code. But what about the unwritten rules on the road? They are not written in your state’s driver's handbook, but most of the people with common sense abide these unspoken rules to make the road a better place for the fellow-drivers. They're not exactly groundbreaking revelations, but it would do our community a world of good if some more people would follow them. So, let's see, what they are:


Racing rush


Have you ever met the "Oh-hell-no-you-are-not-gonna-pass-me" driver? It doesn't matter what speed you pass him at or what car are you driving - as soon as you do it he feels like he's Richard Petty and the white flag was just waved! That kind of driving is dangerous for everyone on the road so just... don't be that guy! Don’t provoke anyone into a race, especially if it's a superior car – just pass safely and spare the theatrics. Your dignity will thank you for it and so will other drivers.




Show respect when parking

Don't be a jerk and park in the center of the parking spot – that's an unwritten rule of the road. How and where you park matters. Look, the lines in a parking lot are there for a reason. When you park your car, make sure that passengers/drivers in the cars on either side can easily get in and out of their cars.




Go easy on two-wheelers

Watch for them, and allow more space. Believe me, it's not a great feeling of being tailgated or honked by a trailer if you're outside of the four-wheel isolation chamber and on the road! Just be nicer and let them drive without causing them a heart attack or getting down in a ditch.





Give heads-up on radar

If you have passed a cop on the side of the road trying to nail people for speeding or what not, and see an approaching car, a short blinking of your headlights gives them a head's up that a cop is waiting around the corner. Help somebody today and tomorrow somebody will help you.




Let them see

1. Don’t block lower vehicles – just try not to block cars’ lateral view when you can help it, like at driveways and intersections.

2. Stay out of peoples' blind spots.

Obviously, you will spend some time in a person's blind spot when passing or being passed, but it's both annoying and unsafe to just hang out there – either pull forward or drop back.




Stop to help

If you see a breakdown on the side of the road - just stop and try to help – at least with a phone cal or moral support if not with your mechanic skills.





Don’t lounge at the pump

There are only so many pumps at a gas station, and nobody want to wait for you to finish reflecting about how perfect the weather are today or finish your phone call. After you're done pumping gas, move you car 20 feet to a parking space so someone else can use the pump.





Don’t block the left lane

The left lane is the passing lane - get in, get out. At least that’s the rule of the unwritten Lawbook Of The Roads. If your car smokes, sheds parts, or is incapable of going faster than 50 mph, stay out of the left-hand lane!


Pretty please.




Be nice

Just show a little respect and make your appreciation of the kindness some drivers shown you on the road expressed in a friendly wave or a nod with a smile. That will make them feel so much better and inclined to help the next time, too. It’s a common courtesy to say thanks and the roads are not an exception.





When at Rome, do as Romans do

Don't drive under the speed limit on the road. The optimal choice is to drive at the speed of traffic – try not to drive too slow or too fast. If the overall driving speed in the lane is, say, 60-65 and you are going 49, everybody hates you... everybody.




Always leave a note if you've damaged a car.

Let's say you just accidentally backed into a car in an awkward parking lot and scratched the bumper... Yeah, we know that it sucks to know that you're probably going to pay a round sum for someone else's bodywork – but hey, it's your fault, right? And you can imagine how it feels to come back to your car and realize that you car has been maimed and you have no idea who did it. Just leave the note on a piece of paper under the windshield wiper.





When in California, leave bikers space to split lanes.

In California, motorcycles are allowed to split lanes, which means that they can slip between cars. It helps ease the state's insane traffic. So, if you see a biker edging between the lanes behind you, don't get all jealous and block him, better move over a bit and give him some space.





No animals or children on your lap. NO ONE on your lap, better yet.

Doesn't matter how cute your pet is – it's not a place and time to fondle him while driving.






Don’t jump the line

Pick a lane and stay it in. What's with all these people on the highway always swerving from lane to lane? It's not hard to stay in between the lines, trust me.




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