Updated Subaru Forester: drives better, less noise

10/27/2015 17:40:06
Updated Subaru Forester: drives better, less noise
The updated Subaru Forester has not only decorative changes, like bumpers, grille, steering wheel or dash, it has received a number of really useful improvements.

Subaru updates its models and the cars will be monitor from smartphones.
It is important that, in addition to the purely decorative changes, like other bumpers, grille, steering wheel or dash, Forester has received a number of really useful improvements. For example, it will be the first Subaru models with all-LED adaptive headlights. A new navigation system that supports SD-card, heated rear seats, a range of active safety EyeSight the latest version of the control on markings and dead zones. 

The customers of such an Forester will receive a bonus of the most powerful turbo version - electronic system of distribution the traction through the brake.
By the way, the new motors from Forester is not expected, but the current line promises to make them more economical. 
Sales of the updated Forester will start in Japan in a few days, but we have to wait the appearance in USA.


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