If Harry Potter characters were cars

11/21/2016 15:38:34
If Harry Potter characters were cars
In order to remind you of your childhood together with Harry Potter's saga I've prepared these pics which links its characters with cars they are similar.

As the “Fantastic Beasts” movie is already on the big screens, many Harry Potter lovers enjoy the returning of that magical atmosphere they almost forgot withing these years. I guess many of us were sitting late at nights to read the last book of Mr. Potter's adventure, or perhaps you've been also crying and laughing together with the 3 popular friends while watching the movies?! There are some things we can never forget, some things we will always love, things which will always bring us back to that moment when something unforgettable happened to us, don't you guys agree? As you probably already realized I'm one of those loyal fans- just like you, and in order to remind you of your adventurous childhood together with Harry's saga I've prepared these pictures which link our favorite characters with cars they are similar with.


Ferharry Testapotter


Granger Rover


Volvo Malfoy




Doblo the House Elf


Ruprius Hybrid


Cerberus Snape


Ford Voldemort


Ute Scamander


Renault Weasley


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